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Slöjdpung the Story

Sloydpung - from Sweden

I fell in love with sloyd while living in the woods of Portugal. Sit and carve in the evenings after spending the days building a guest house. I got myself a hook knife from Mora which changed my life. Now I could really go deep into the wood, deeper then just with a knife. 

Big change to when I was sitting in my moms kitchen sofa in the north of Sweden, happily being unemployed and spending my days carving. To her dismay, she found wood chips all over the house - even though I did my best to clean it all up before she got back from work...

So, in order to please my mom I began sketching this idea out. I remember having heard a story of the old Slöjd legend Willie Sundqvist who used to carve while traveling. But he had the classic woodworking apron made of leather, I needed something different. Then it jumped in to my, the kangaroo! The perfect inspiration to what I was after. I made my first Slöjdpung later that day from old bed cloth and plastic laying around the house, plus moms old broken leather bag because useful again. Something I value very much, to reuse old material and turn it to something new again.

A big thanks to my love for supporting me and owning an awesome sawing machine (check out her clothes at @volurclothing / @jordmamma). I make everything myself from finding fabrics at the flea market, cutting old leather jackets, saving old plastic and making the whole Slöjdpung. This at the same time caring and being the best father I can for two young children. For now I promise that I will send your Slöjdpung within 10 days but aim to make it much shorter, I hope you can sympathize

Let's Slöjd.


Molly Sjöstam, Sweden


A great thingy! Fun and weird but genious, I use it every day. Extra bonus for the recycleing of old materials!

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Marc Janks, USA


Sloydpung is a carvers best friend! My wife is so happy that she doesn't find wood chips around the house now. If you're tired of cleaning up your chips get yoruself a Sloydpung.

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Craig Harris, Australia


I can now slöjd anywhere at home in my work staff room and even during staff meetings. The Slöjdpung is awesome thanks so much Daniel this is a must have for slöjd addiction.

Kim Fejgin


Great for bringing my sloyd close to the family while keeping the shavings far from them. Relationship saver for the wood shaver. Sloyd has never been more mobile.

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Simon Axelsson, Sweden


The possibility to carve feels unlimited now. The best upgrade in my carving!

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Dan Lidholm, Sweden


It have helped me keep (nearly) clean of wood chips at home. Nice, comfy and portable! Helluva satisfied!

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Anne Fergman, Sweden


Best invention! Before I had wood chips all over the apartment, now they end up in the Sloydpung!

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Robin Dalman, Sweden


Perfect for caoch sloyd so the peace in the house remains... also neat with recycled materials.

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Jon Stewart, USA


It has really allowed me to spend more time learning this craft and getting better at carving than I ever would have had without it. I love my Slöjdpung!

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