Wood butter

Wood butter

What do we love?


And then I'm not talking about that crap margarine.


What does your newly carved spoon love?


Good quality oil.


I have made a nice mix of ecological beeswax and ecological cold pressed hempoil that your finished project will love. Also there's a little bit of natural Tung oil, from the nuts of the Tungtree.

The oil saturates the wood and gives a nice surface, the beeswax helps to polish the wood and act as a protective layer.


A pice of linnen cloth is included that you dedicate to rub the vax with.

Rub firmly and repeadetly since the heat helps the mixture to go deeper in to the wood.


Enjy the result!


This product works perfectly for that old wooden chair as to the cutting board and your eating spoon.


FYI - The result won't get a green finish :)