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Svegsvarv - Bygg din egen! Bygguide

Svegsvarv - Bygg din egen! Bygguide

Nu är den här. En bygguide för dig att bygga din egna Svegsvarv!


Efter frågor och egen pepp har jag nu färdigställt denna gedigna bildguide på hur du kan bygga en Svegsvarv. Ett PDF dokument på 30 sidor.

Det finns onekligen många sätt men som med mycket inom trä är det principerna som är det viktiga. 


Du kanske känner någon du tycker ska unna sig ett nytt projekt?

Perfekt ge bort present!

Funderar du själv på vad du borde göra härnäst? Bygg dig en Svegsvarv!

Går bra att ha i lägenheten likaväl som ute i  trädgården eller inne i garaget. 


Som tack stödjer du en av de många enskilda företagarna som försöker få sin passion att ekonomisk räcka för sin familj.


Önskar dig god slöjd!



Daniel Berhe




    Where does the wood come from ?

    What is kolrosing ?

    Mainly around Umeå, Västerbotten, Sweden. Either from friends property, or trees the municipality fell or wood from naturally fallen trees.

    What does the law say about public Sloyding ?

    Old traditions with roots in Scandinavia (from what we know), where the aim is to create patterns with the tip of your knife and filling with colored powder, traditionally spruce bark, cole or coffee grounds. Very simple and elegent. 

    Where do I find inspiration ?

    For Sloyd one simply needs to walk about to be inspired, walk in the woods, visiting a museeum, thrift shop. Feel and look at objects that pleases you and ask yourself why? Explore!


    Good sources of inspiration this day an age is of course fellow SLoyders at Instagram, searching for #spoons #slöjd for example.

    One of the sharpest sloyder I know is one from my neck of the woods, Jögge Sundqvist, son of Wille Sundqvist. He have written great books and is well worth a look, 

    In Sweden you are allowed to publicly use the knife to sloyd, as long as you do it calmly and intentionally. Be smart. You will have to read up on your own laws where in the world you are but with the Sloydpung one does become very clear in why you are useing a knife - to sloyd.

    How often do I need to oil my spoon ?

    Easiest answer is when it's needed. If it feels dry/soaks up water easily then yeah, definitely apply a new layer of linseed oil. Patina will naturally accure after usage. A oilbath less then 15 minutes and dry off excess oil will do the spoon great. Be aware of a lingering taste, it will disappear and is of no harm for you. 

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