Spoon blank

Spoon blank

Spoon blank in Birch, from Umeå.

Eating spoon, around 17 cm.


I axe out the blanks in fresh wood keeping them in the freezer until delivery.


I recommend you keep two in a plastic bag in the freezer. The third one you keep in a plastic bag in the Sloydpung, ready for carving. Smart to keep it in a bag not to dry out.

Be aware that keeping wood in a plastic bag for too long it can start to mold. Light surface mold can start around one week (it is still fully carvable).


Variations with the blanks is common but if there's something special you like I will try to sort it out depending on the wood I have available.


1 ex 75 kr

2 ex 145 kr

3 ex 245 kr (mix in variation)